Here’s How to Really Sell Your House on Rightmove.

Your insider guide from Davies & Davies

Come close, friend. Closer. Batten down the hatches and lean in. We’ve got some classified information for your ear holes that will seriously help with that looming home sale you’ve got on the horizon. There’s a property sales boom going down in the UK currently, so you’re going to need to fully up the ante and make that house shine. Luckily for you, we’ve got all the industry insider tips and tricks to getting it ship shape and ready to be seen by all those potential buyers. Let’s get you ready for your close up…

A illustration of Victorian house with exaggerated features (too many plants on the window ledge, hanging lights),a sign that says 'The Great House' which is definitely not what this property is?

All eyes on you

Most importantly, you need to make a dazzling first impression. When you upload your precious abode to Righmove it has one chance to be seen by millions of beady eyed and keen new home searchers. What’s more, your listing is pinged out electronically via the right move Property Alerts feature to more specific home hunters who’ve honed their search categories and are looking for something just like yours. That means you must make sure everything is present and uploaded, that all information is correct and your photos are at their beautiful best. You have two weeks to shine, so make it count. In the words of Ru Paul; Don’t. Eff. It. Up.

Not about the price tag (it really, really is)

Here’s an insider figure for you to take on board: correctly pricing your house DOUBLES your chances of a successful sale. Read that again, and thrice for good measure. Doubles your chances. Pricing your home correctly also ensures a quicker sale, so there’s really no reason to get it wrong. These days, homebuyers are savvy as heck and know their onions (and what they’re worth). Whilst tempting to over price and get some extra bang for your buck, you’d be shooting yourself in the foot / roof as your potential sales will crumble to the ground. Potential seekers will simply skim past an overpriced listing and onto the next. We (your friendly estate agents in the know) will help you find the perfect initial asking price to get people cooing over your corridors.

Photo of a member of Davies & Davies filling out a sales property valuation form with a prospective seller.

Picture perfect

Let’s get those clicks! From camera click to mouse clicks, there’s a whole load of cushion smooshing and editing to be had in between. To capture the true amount of space, light and alluring features that reign throughout your gorgeous abode, you need some real-deal photography know-how, and perhaps a sunny day (we know, it’s a lot to ask of the UK weather system). We collaborate daily with professional shutter snappers to create the most alluringly accurate photos that don’t leave the viewer wondering, ‘where did all the space go?’ as they see it in the flesh. There’s a happy medium between capturing the property as is and using a fish eye lens to pretend your studio apartment is indeed a rare North London castle. For starters: try to choose a sunny day where earthly possible, remember to snap the best bits like gardens and balconies if they exist and lastly (but unfortunately not leastly for many), do tidy up! We have a whole separate article on what should and shouldn’t be lurking in your rooms on photography day, so have a gander.

Describe me like one of your French girls

Once your photos are snapped and shopped, it’s time to do the talking. A stellar description can be just as important when it comes to letting your home take the spotlight. At Davies and Davies we have a crack team of scribblers who know all the keywords and phrases to whet the buyers’ proverbial whistle. However, it is a major helping hand if the seller imparts their favourite aspects and little known facts about their abode. We might miss the fact that the loft conversion does complete with inbuilt dog perch you had made bespoke for Barney to alleviate his anxiety, which can be transformed into a window seat / toy box depending. You might like to whisper your favourite haunts in the area that we’ve somehow missed (unlikely!) such as the mouth wateringly good hole in the wall coffee house that no one knows about yet. Since the old pandemic of late, there are buzz words that have shot up in the covetable stakes that you may well be harbouring, such as outside space, home office and nearby green space to name a few. Give us a shout and we’ll tell you the rest.

A photo of an immaculately presented modern bathroom with a marble finish floor to ceiling tiles

Summarise your way to success

Hey, now we all know you’re not a skim reader. Look at you on paragraph six, 1,000 words in. But we’re also all aware that not everyone is like you, clearly. So for the low-on-time picture book readers, Rightmove has a special summary box beneath each listing as you scroll. Each potential buyer is sifting through hundreds of properties and special boxes, so it’s time to shine once again. To get those covetable click throughs into the real nitty gritty of your property page, this little description box needs the top assets screaming out loud for attention. Highlights are similar to those keywords such as outside space, high ceilings, modern kitchen, excellent transport links. ‘Has room for guinea pigs’ may not be the winning phrase you think it is.

(Wo)man with the (floor)plan

Floorplans, let us reiterate, are more of an essential item than self raising flour circa June 2020. Whilst tricky to create, they’re crucial to have. According to Rightmove themselves, over ’90% of buyers and tenants think that seeing a floorplan is essential’. Whether you believe this or not, you can’t argue with their other snazzy fact that listings which include one of the aforementioned floorplans get more clicks and attention than the ones that don’t. Davies and Davies will always include one of our specially made orange and black designs, with dimensions, floor levels and tiny little staircases depicted to perfection. Take a look for yourself!

A picture of a floor plan currently for sale at Davies & Davies Estate Agents

Virtual insanity

Video tours are all the rage post Covid and we at Davies and Davies are well equipped for remote viewings, oh yes we are. Rightmove includes said video tours within their descriptions, so you can provide a real 360 experience without viewers ever having to leave their current squats. It is worth noting that they will pop round at least once in the flesh to check out their future living quarters, so don’t get too comfy. We will organise the film and edit, so all you need to do is make sure the house is looking its best and no one’s sleeping in the second bedroom.

Now that you’re fully pumped and raring to go with the great big house clean pre photoshoot, remember that we’re here for any lingering queries you may have or hankerings for more in depth info. As the ones in the know (since 1927, we know this neighbourhood after all), we’re chomping at the bit to impart our knowledge on all things sell sell sell. Have a look at our other insight articles, properties and neighbourhood guides to really get the lowdown on your North London market before registering that abode for sale. We’ve got you covered.

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8 July 2021
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