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Do we manage your rental property on behalf of your landlord? Well if we do you can now report any maintenance issues or repairs to us online, 24/7, 365 days a year. Oh the excitement!

Use our Report a Repair facility below on your laptop, smart phone or tablet and your issue will be acknowledged immediately with a reference number unique to you, enabling you to track your maintenance report. Submit pictures (where relevant) to make the process quicker and easier and we’ll get back to you asap to sort the problem. You can also check out an array of helpful videos giving you step-by-step advice on some of the simpler issues that you can resolve quickly and easily, such as how to repressurise a boiler. It’s like Christmas has come all at once! (We don’t get out much).

Please note: our Report a Repair facility is most compatible on the following browsers and may not work on others: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox.


If your property is fully managed by Davies & Davies Estate Agents and you experience an emergency when our office isn’t open (in the evenings or on bank holidays, for example) then please follow these next steps:

1.   If the issue is of a serious nature, such as a crime, fire or serious injury please call the emergency services immediately. If you suspect a gas leak please contact the following helpline: National Grid Gas Emergencies 0800 111 999 (This is a 24-hour emergency line).

2.   If the issue has resulted in damage to the property that means that the property is no longer secure or safe please use our report a repair system below. This system has been set-up to recognise emergency issues and is run by a specialist out-of-hours service provider.

3.   When using the system follow the platform’s instructions and attempt to define as closely as possible what the issue is. For example: if you have a leak please select ‘Water & Leaks’ followed by ‘Leak’ and then ‘Water leak within Property’.  A pop-up message will attempt to help you isolate the leak by shutting the water off, before asking you to confirm the details of the issue, the property address and your contact information.

4.   If your report is deemed to be an emergency you will be contacted by a member of the emergency out-of- hours team within 1 hour and then every 30 minutes 3 times from when the report is made. They will determine on the phone what the problem is and whether it qualifies as an emergency.

Please note: if the contractor arrives and the damage is the result of actions by you, the tenant, you will be liable for the call out charge. If a contractor is called out as an emergency when a repair is not justified and you have not provided the correct information on the phone or online submissions then you, the tenant, will be liable for all costs including the call out charge.

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