Why solicitors are your home-buying heroes

Solicitors: our very own Santas

In a world of forgotten TV license bills, dusty Swiss cheese plants and unsolicited Zoom calls, our home lives can become a bit of an apocalyptic wasteland if we’re not careful. Navigating said wasteland can become a tad overwhelming, particularly if you find yourself without any coffee and/or biscuits and the trains are on strike all week. Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks is *buying a house*. “Waaaaaah” we hear you run/wail down the hall. The mere thought of traversing all that legal waffle and financial jargon is enough to send us speed-waddling back to our parent’s basements.

But fear not, my fellow house-owners to-be, for there is a superhero in the legal world who can guide us through this treacherous journey… The Solicitor. Much like the elusive Santa Claus himself, they are wise, bring gifts of perfectly wrapped paperwork while you sleep and most importantly – have never been spotted in the flesh. Well, have you caught one in your front room bent over the fire surround delivering mortgage papers? Didn’t think so, Margaret. Today we are asking the age-old question: what exactly is a solicitor when they are at home? And how will they help you buy a house from their secret hideaway in snowy North (Pole) London?

How does a solicitor help you buy a house?

Solicitors: What are they?

First off, let’s address the elephant in the room – what in the courtroom drama is a solicitor? How does a solicitor help you buy a house? Are they suited up elves? Bespectacled lawyers? Well, kind of. A solicitor is a legal professional who is trained to give legal advice and handle legal matters on behalf of their clients. Think of them as the Batman to your Robin, the Hermione to your Harry, the Phillip to your Holly (wait, pop those to the back of the queue). Essentially, they are the legal geniuses who will help you navigate the complex world of property law and ensure that you don’t end up with an absolute lemon of a house. Now, let’s break down the different ways a solicitor can help you in the house-buying process…

Legal guardians incoming (awww)

Buying a house is a big deal. It’s probably one of the most significant financial transactions you will make in your life. With such a significant investment, you want to make sure you have all your legal ducks in a row. This is where your trusty solicitor comes in, to ensure that all the necessary legal paperwork is in order and that you are protected from any potential legal pitfalls. They will also conduct thorough searches on the property to uncover any hidden legal issues, such as outstanding mortgages or boundary disputes. In short, they are your legal guardians, making sure that you don’t end up in a legal nightmare.

Your savvy negotiators 

You’ve finally found your dream house, and you’re ready to make an offer. But wait, should you offer the asking price or try to negotiate? This is where your solicitor can be a valuable asset. How does a solicitor help you buy a house? Well, they have experience in negotiating house prices and can advise you on the best approach. They also handle all the back-and-forth with the seller’s solicitor, ensuring that your best interests are represented. With a solicitor on your team, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best deal possible, and they can also negotiate any repairs or renovations that need to be done before the sale is finalised. Savvy little dream boats, eh?

Risk assessors assemble! 

Buying a house is a risky business, so to speak. There are so many potential risks involved, from structural issues to illegal extensions, but fear not! Your trusty solicitor is there to assess and manage these risks for you. Including conducting a thorough surveys of the property and advise you on any potential issues. A solicitor also reviews the contract to make sure there are no unfair clauses or hidden risks. In short, they are your risk assessors, ensuring you don’t move into a ticking time bomb of a house. Again, so to speak.

Your problem solvers

Let’s say you’ve found a property that you absolutely love. But, there’s a catch – it’s part of a shared ownership scheme. Don’t panic; your solicitor has got your back. Your trusty solicitor will review the terms and conditions of the scheme and advise you on the best course of action. Also, they handle all the legalities involved in the shared ownership process, ensuring that you fully understand your rights and responsibilities. Your solicitor will also handle any legal disputes that may arise with the shared ownership scheme, saving you from a potential whopper of a headache.

Expert translators (Hola guapo!)

When it comes to legal documents, let’s be real – they might as well be written in another language. But don’t worry; your solicitor is fluent in legal jargon and can translate all those complicated documents into simple, digestible terms. They will also advise you on any legal implications of the documents and make sure you fully understand what you are signing. They are, essentially, the Duolingo of legal documents you never knew you needed.

Your peace of mind (aaand relax)

Buying a house is a stressful process, there’s no denying that. But having a solicitor by your side can bring a sense of calm and peace of mind. Handling all the legalities and paperwork, they will allow you to focus on the more exciting aspects of buying a house, like choosing which alcove belongs to the cat castle you bought online in some semi-awake hysteria last week. By keeping you updated on the progress of the sale, they will be there to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Think of them as therapists of the house-buying process, helping you navigate the ups and downs with ease.

In conclusion, a solicitor is your secret weapon, your secret Santa Claus and your essential ally in the house-buying process. They will guide you through the legal maze and ensure that you make a sound investment. We recommend finding one with both experience in property and, if you’re purchasing a flat, one experienced in leases. Now, go forth and conquer the housing market with your trusty solicitor by your side!

If you need further support on your home-buying journey, check out the rest of our helpful guides and insights.

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7 December 2023
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