How to Create an Urban Oasis with Minimal Space

Here's our green fingered guide on how to maximise your property's potential should you be thinking of selling, no matter how limited your space.

Is the closest thing to a garden right now the mould currently growing on that forgotten coffee cup under the sofa? Are you drooling over Insta’s endless reels of ivy-clad courtyards with rose archways and beautiful blossom trees? While some indoor house plants wouldn’t go amiss to start, if you have a small patio, balcony or even just a windowsill, there’s still plenty of scope to create an urban oasis.

 Transforming your no-garden space into an urban oasis isn’t just a dream. It’s becoming crucial for our wellbeing (and bragging rights on how on earth you’ve turned a tiny balcony into a slice of paradise).

 With a little creativity and the right know-how, you can also maximise your property’s potential should you be thinking of selling. No matter how limited your space. From selecting native plants that thrive in London’s unique climate to utilising every inch of your rooftop or balcony. Our green fingered guide promises to turn even the most sceptical city-dweller into a veritable Alan Titchmarsh. All without the need for a traditional garden – or glittering TV career in gardening and MBE-worthy witticisms. Get your trowels out, friends, we’re going in…


An illustration of someone watering their plants and someone else sunbathing

How do you measure up?

Before you transform your no-garden space in London into an urban oasis, let’s assess your property first. As they say: measure twice, plant once.

So, grab your tape measure and notepad. Whether it’s a balcony, rooftop or windowsill. Jot down those dimensions and let this guide you on the size of containers or raised beds you can accommodate, and how many. There’s nothing worse than overestimating your capacity for a bamboo plant or five is there Nigel?

 Shoot for the moon, or sun

Dream big and plan smart. Make yourself a wish list of what you’d really love to grow. Then consider the sunlight your space receives and match it with plants that thrive in those conditions. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you live in a north facing basement flat you might need to rejig your sunflower patch idea.

Go vertical!

To maximise space, try opting for elevated cedar beds or hanging containers. Walls aren’t just for framed pics of your other half gurning. They’re potential green canvases. Raised beds also boost your growing space efficiency. Allowing for denser planting which means more greenery or veggies per square foot.

Vegetarian’s delight

That’s right, you could start growing your own Waitrose-worthy salad bar from home, because veggies aren’t just for allotments; they’re for balconies too! Remember, most veggies love the sun, needing six to eight hours of those golden rays daily. Think vertically to save space; climbing beans, tomatoes, and even some varieties of pumpkin can be trained upwards. For those of us with limited outdoor space, a sunny windowsill can also be the perfect spot for herbs and leafy greens like basil and lettuce, which enjoy frequent harvesting. So, get planting and get chewing, guinea pigs!

Jump on the micro trend

Transforming your no-garden space into a micro-green environment is not only a trendy move but a smart one too. Even the tiniest of spaces can morph into a nutrient-packed green haven. For urban dwellers, consider using grow bags, hydroponics, or aeroponics kits to enhance your micro-green environments. Proper temperature, humidity, and airflow are crucial to prevent mould and ensure quality growth. Don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of info online on how to become a micro-green queen before a wasted trip to B&Q.

Get busy (like a bee)

Be a true wildlife welcomer – plants like Rosaceae not only offer beautiful blossoms and autumn hues but also attract birds and bees, turning your no-garden into a mini ecosystem. It’s not just about what you plant but how you plant them. ‘Companion planting’ can help deter pests, and interplanting flowers with vegetables can maximise your yield in a limited space. Think of it as creating a mini ecosystem where plants support each other’s growth. We love a supportive king.

Style it out

Incorporate water features and creative lighting to elevate the ambiance, ensuring your urban oasis space is not just seen but felt. Choose a colour story or theme for your garden; a monochromatic scheme or vibrant contrasting colours can significantly impact the mood of your garden – and you. Don’t forget to design around your furniture, which doubles up as storage to maximise space. Lastly, adding decorative features like outdoor lights or little charity shop found sculptures can inject some more personality into your space, making it uniquely yours. Yes, we do encourage gnomes.

Transforming a no-garden space in London into an urban oasis is not only achievable but transformative. By choosing the right plants, your no-garden space in London can become a thriving urban oasis, full of life, colour, and perhaps a veggie or two for your dinner plate. You can morph your limited outdoor areas into a vibrant green haven that influencers will be posing next to in no time.  Look at you: singlehandedly reimagining the possibilities of urban living, making our cities greener, more sustainable, and, ultimately, more liveable. Ah, Titchmarsh would be proud.

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11 April 2024
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